Free Technician License Class and Examination

THE AMERICAN LEGION POST 288, BLOOMFIELD, is offering a FREE LICENSE CLASS for those wishing to become LICENSED HAM RADIO OPERATORS.  The INSTRUCTION IS FREE; unless a current study guide is already in possession, the student will ONLY PAY $30.00 (POSSIBLE $10.OO REFUND) for your book. Post 288 MEMBERS and any enrolled BOY SCOUT will receive their book free, courtesy of Post 288.    The class will be held on APRIL 8 AND 9, from 9:00 AM TO 6 PM EACH DAY.  An EXAMINATION SESSION is to be held in the same location, THE LEGION HUT IN BLOOMFIELD, on APRIL 29. Those who pass the exam(s) will be FULLY LICENSED. 

We welcome any and all who may wish to become a licensed ham operator; Legion membership is not required.  There is no longer a requirement to learn and demonstrate the ability to do Morse code.  We particularly encourage EMERGENCY SERVICES PERSONNEL and BOY SCOUTS to attend and become licensed.  This class should provide the Boy Scouts all the requirements for their MERIT BADGE.   

Ham operators have always been a main stay in EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS and are the primary providers of communications for both, the State and local EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCIES (EMA) and are a part of the NATIONAL HOMELAND SECURITY back-up communications effort, plus we enjoy the science and technology to talk all over the world on many different modes, including voice over the internet and e-mail over radio links.  In a National emergency, the telephone and cell phone systems will be destroyed or overloaded, but the Ham Radio network will be there ALWAYS.  Want to be involved?