Repeater Information

Am L KY Post 42 Radio Club uses a state-of-the-art Yaesu Fusion DR-1X FM/Digital repeater on 145.470 MHz. The Fusion repeater can operate on, and automatically switch between, either Fusion digital or conventional FM modes. The DR-1X repeater provides continued use of conventional FM communication while integrating the use of digital communication functions through its unique AMS capability. More information about System Fusion can be found on the Yaesu web site.

The KB4KY Yaesu Fusion repeater runs at a full 50 watts and operates in automatic mode. For example, a ham using Fusion Digital mode keys the Fusion repeater which automatically switches to digital. If an analog (FM) user keys up the Yaesu Fusion repeater it automatically switches to analog (FM).

You may already have been enjoying using the 145.470 MHz Yaesu Fusion repeater. Please follow good Amateur Radio practice and use the following guidelines as an aid to your enjoyment of this repeater. Analog FM users please ID in accordance with FCC rules – that is ID once every 10 minutes and at the end of your conversation. The FCC no longer requires mobile, portable, etc. after your ID. Digital users – your radio and the repeater will automatically ID for you. However, it is still a good habit to ID just as you would on FM. For the best audio transmission quality on either mode we always recommend you talk across your microphone, not directly into it.