Repeater Information

The Nelson County American Legion Post-42 Radio Club hosts the KB4KY repeater system, which consists of two of the latest Yaesu System Fusion-II DR-2X repeaters operating on 145.470MHz (CTCSS 151.4Hz) and 442.050MHz (DCS 654N). These repeaters operate in dual-mode AMS (Automatic Mode Select) configuration, allowing the use of either traditional FM analog transmissions, or Yaesu System Fusion C4FM transmission simply by keying your radio in the mode that you wish to use. This allows the continued use of conventional FM communication while also integrating the use of advanced digital communication functions. More information about System Fusion can be found on the Yaesu web site.

The Yaesu System Fusion-II repeaters include additional functions not previously included with the early models, including the IMRS linking system. The KB4KY repeater system is one of the first in central KY to support all System Fusion-II features. Wires-X internet linking is available for use by any licensed amateur on the 145.470MHz repeater. Feel free to connect the repeater to your favorite Wires-X room to chat with other users all over the globe. Additionally, both repeaters are linked together using IMRS local linking, which can be activated simply by selecting DG-ID 01 on your radio. This function works exclusively in C4FM mode, and can support all Wires-X functionality.

KB4KY also operates an APRS digipeater and calibrated weather instruments located at the repeater tower. Get up-to-date, accurate weather conditions from KB4KY at, or by monitoring 144.390MHz with an APRS capable radio.

Monitor either KB4KY repeater during inclement weather events for timely severe weather warnings and information. An offsite receiver monitors 162.475MHz for S.A.M.E. encoded alerts broadcasted by the National Weather Service, and will relay important alerts to the repeaters for the counties within the main coverage area of the system.

You may already have been enjoying using the KB4KY repeater system. Please remember to follow good Amateur Radio practice. Analog FM users please ID in accordance with FCC rules – that is ID once every 10 minutes and at the end of your conversation. Digital users – your radio and the repeater will automatically ID for you, however it is still a good practice to ID just as you would on FM.